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Isidore Farms

Statue of Saint Isidore the Farmer

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Saint Isidore is the patron of farmers and agriculture. He is known for the proper treatment of animals and his love for the poor. Isidore is honored along with his wife Maria de la Cabeza as the patron of Madrid, Spain. May 15th is designated as his feast day, where the people of Madrid line the streets for parades and processions.

At a very young age Isidore entered the service of a wealthy landowner in Madrid by the name of John de Vargas. He worked the fields for his entire life beginning everyday by rising early to go to church before he started his day behind the plow. He was often late to start his work because he would linger in the church to pray. Many stories say that he was always able to complete his work with the help of angels. Saint Isidore died May 15, 1130 and was declared a Saint in 1622.

Dog panting in the vineyard

About the Farm

Tom & Angela bought the farm in 2011 and took on the task of dividing the property to build a new home. During that time Pinot Noir grapes were planted on the front acre along 199th St. The six acres behind the newly constructed home was reserved to pasture and grass feed Black Angus Beef. That beef is offered to the community for reservation. Chickens are also at home on the farm to provide fresh eggs for the family. When you visit us you are likely to meet Wrigley, the border collie and official farm/winery dog! He will herd children and chase balls all day long!!

Black Angus Beef grazing on the grass

Reserve Black Angus Beef

Every year we raise Black Angus Beef, born and raised right here in Ridgefield. These cows leisurely graze on 6 acres of pasture land and are grain-finished for good marbling. Reservations for beef are full for 2022. If you are interested in reserving a half share or whole beef in 2023, please submit your contact email below.